How to Get Smooth Legs at Home

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Summer has finally arrived, so if you are hiding your beautiful legs underneath your pants or long skirt, then you better do something about it. As the weather starts getting warmer it become really important to keep your legs smooth and soft. This article will provide you with some tips regarding ‘how to get smooth legs at home’ with some easy homemade recipes. In order to get smooth legs you need to follow some of the best tips that are given in this article. On most social websites you might see people asking certain questions like ‘how to get smooth legs’ or ‘how to get perfect legs’ and these questions are usually asked by the people who are suffering from dry skin. People with dry skin usually feel uncomfortable and embarrass wearing shorts or anything that makes this legs visible.  For getting perfectly smooth legs clean your legs regularly with a soap that is of good quality and then apply a best body cream. However such body creams are usually expensive so look for DIY silky smooth legs recipe which contain homemade ingredients.

how to get smooth legs at home

Check out these amazing techniques to get smooth legs for the summer.

Tips for smooth legs:-

Soak your leg for five minutes:-

Before shaving your legs wet them for five minutes so that they become soft. Always shave your legs when you finish taking bath.

  • Use lukewarm water:-

The water should be warm so that you feel relaxed and comfortable. Make sure the water is not hot because hot water makes the skin dry.

  • Use a body scrub:-

Always try to exfoliate the skin with the best body scrub.

  • Apply the shaving gel:-

In order to get rid of scrapes or dryness apply the shaving gels on your legs. Gels here work as a moisturizer for legs. By applying gel the legs often feels smooth and soft after being shaved, however if you are not comfortable with using gels then you can apply any moisturizer on your legs.

  • Massage your legs with body lotion:-

Massage your legs with either a cream or a lotion in order to get smooth and soft legs. Do not buy lotions that contain alcohol or some harmful chemicals because they may irritate your skin.

  • Essential oils:-

Essential oils are very good for skin, so apply essential oil of your own choice and the once which has the best fragrance.

DIY Skin Smoother for Silky Soft Legs:-

Ingredients you need

•    2 cups of sugar

•    1.5 cup of oil (You can use either coco nut oil, baby oil or canola oil because that would be entirely your choice)

•    2 tablespoons of lemon juice or you can add 15 drops of Essential Oil containing lemon

•    Razor

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them until a fine fluid is formed. Then put the mixture in either a glass jar or a plastic jar and keep it in your bathroom cabinet and use it daily after shower. After soaking your legs in the water tub for 5 to 6 minutes, apply this mixture on your legs and rub it for about two minutes maximum. This will help you remove all kind of dirt from the legs. Citric juice works as a smooth skin peeler leaving the skin soft and shiny and olive oil go through the skin and provide it with everlasting moisture. After you are done with rubbing the mixture onto your legs, shave your legs using a good razor. Now wash your legs and repeat this procedure daily in order to get soft legs at home. Don’t forget to put a moisturizer, ENJOY YOU SOFT SMOOTH LEGS!

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