How to Get Rid of Baby Acne on Face Home Remedies

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A new born child will surely experience baby acne at some stage. It is very common and if your baby develops red and white bumps and spots there is no need to worry. There are some simple ways which can be used to help calm the effect and finish the spots completely. There are also some things that you should avoid which can further worsen the baby’s skin.

How to Get Rid of Baby Acne

  How to Get Rid of Baby Acne

What to Do:

  • Water and Baby Soap:

Make sure you wash your baby’s face on a daily basis. If acne starts to appear or worse, use baby soap. It would not be wise to use soap meant for adults because babies have softer skin and it would hurt it. Make sure you do not over wash the baby’s skin. Over washing of the skin can make the oil producing glands work more than usual which would worsen the acne.

  • Use a Towel:

You can use a towel to pat the baby’s skin dry. Make sure you put the baby with the towel. Scrubbing or rubbing the baby’s skin with the towel would irritate the skin further and end up producing more oil which would worsen acne.

  • Prescribed Medication:

In most cases, a baby’s acne gets better on its own and there is no need for any medication. But, in the rarer cases, if a baby starts to feel discomfort or uneasiness, doctors could prescribe hydrocortisone cream or ionic colloidal silver solution. These creams help soothe the skin, clear the complexion, decrease oil production and stops itchiness. Such creams should be used not more than twice a day and only mild proportions should be applied. It is advised you ask your doctor when and how you should use these creams.

What Not to Do:

  • Oily Products:

Acne patches are often dry and that may tempt some parents to use oily products to smoothen the skin up. You should not do that because oiling the skin further can lead to more damage. The acne that is present is caused by the oil glands producing too much oil. Adding further oil would make the acne worse. If the dryness is bothering you, use some non-oily cream or baby soap to cancel the effects of the dryness.

  • Do not Touch the Acne:

You are not, under any circumstances, advised to pop your baby’s zits. It will irritate the skin and once that happens, the oil glands in the skin react by producing more oil. Hence causing the acne to worsen.

  • Medication:

Mediation is only advised by the doctor under severe circumstances, usually when the acne is causing the baby any discomfort. You must not use medication without your doctor’s permission and you must also not use creams that are made for adults. Such creams are made for sturdier skin and babies have anything but sturdy skin.

To conclude, acne in babies is very common and if your baby develops some zits and bumps, there is no need to worry. You must be aware of the things you must do and the things you shouldn’t and your baby will be fine.

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