Laser Hair Removal: Benefits, Side Effects, and Cost

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Electrolysis, shaving and waxing for the removal of hair are very expensive and time taking procedures.This article mainly focuses on laser hair removal benefits, side effects and cost.

The most common and popular method used for removing hair is laser hair removal. The extremely intense rays of light known as laser beam, is aimed at hair follicles and its pigments. The light is then absorbed by the follicles of hair which eventually demolishes the hair. Facial laser hair removal treatment has become very popular in countries like Pakistan and India.

However every laser machine for hair removal available in countries like Pakistan is not suitable for Asian type of skin. People must consult their doctors because going for a cheap laser hair removal treatment because it can be very dangerous. Every person who wants a laser treatment must make sure that the machine being used for removing hair is suitable for his skin type otherwise it can cause some serious side effects.

Laser hair removal is worth it, but it is regarded worthless only if you go for such treatments when you have either thin or grey hair. Individuals who have dark colored hair are considered as the best candidates for a laser treatment. Electrolysis works best on individuals with thin and grey hair.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits,Side Effects,and Cost

Laser Hair Removal: Benefits,Side Effects,and Cost:-


Here are some of the benefits of laser hair removal treatment:-

  • Laser only target the dark colored hair and does not cause any damage to the surrounding skin.
  • Every laser purse takes few seconds and thus treats a lot of hair at the particular time. Laser takes a quarter of a second to treat every area.
  • After three to four sessions of laser treatment 80 to 90 percent of hair are removed permanently.


The complete removal of hair is not certified by the laser hair removal treatments. Hair can grow back after a year or so. The hair that grows back after the final sessions of laser treatment are usually thin and light in texture and color.

Some of the most common laser hair removal side effects are:

Irritating skin: After the laser hair removal treatment the person has to go through discomfort, swelling as well as redness. However these symptoms and marks take a lot of time to heal and disappear completely.

Change in skin color: The laser hair removal changes the color of skin by making it either dark or light, however this change is temporary. Lightening of skin after laser treatment is usually faced by the people who have darker skin. This usually happens when an incorrect laser is being used.

How much is laser hair removal?

Cost of Laser:-

The laser hair removal treatments are usually very costly and time taking so before undergoing any laser treatment a person has to think a lot. The cost entirely depends upon the type of hair and the type of machine that is being used in order to remove the hair. The cost also depends on the thickness of hair and the sessions it take. If your wish to remove the unnecessary hair grown on your skin permanently, you must consult your doctor for proper guidance. Make sure that your doctor or consultant is qualified and experience. Always go for the latest machine and make sure that the machine that is being used is good for your skin type.With the advancement in technology certain machines have been invented that helps you to easy remove hair at home.

Here are some of the machines used as laser hair removal at home.

  • Hair Removal Laser 4X
  • Raves for Hair Removal
  • Laser 4X
  • Tria Precision Laser
  • Remington i-Light Pro

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