How Long to Cook Meatloaf Recipe at Home

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What is a Meatloaf?

Before knowing how long to cook meatloaf, we must know what a meatloaf is. The meatloaf is an original and with a long tradition in the all the regions. It consists of a base, which is of minced meat and other ingredients such as potatoes, vegetables or cheese, which make it a complete dish and ideal for lunches and dinners from day to day. Today here we will tell you how long to cook meatloaf along with the best recipe for meatloaf. You can also prepare it with different ingredients and various preparations.

How Long to Cook Meatloaf?

The best way to cook a large piece of meat is to subject it to the dry heat of an oven. Heat oven to very high temperature and in the meantime, heat a greased mold for boiling. Arrange the meat in it and put it in the oven to seal it. Turn the heat down after a quarter of the cooking time has elapsed. You can also seal the meat all over the stove, in a large saucepan, and then bake it. If you want the meat to be well cooked, bathe it once or twice with your own juices while cooking. If during cooking, steam is formed in the oven, briefly open the oven door from time to time.

How long to cook meatloaf

  How long to cook meatloaf

To make a good meatloaf, it is necessary that the oven is very hot. We can preheat over an hour or so. It is necessary to take into account that when we open the oven to introduce the mass this will lose temperature so we must preheat to something more of that indicated in the recipe, I would dare to say that it would be advisable to use the maximum temperature of our oven: 230 °. The meatloaf needs a constant temperature if it is not advisable to open the oven door until it is ready as it will produce heat leaks. It also needs some degree of moisture that we can get in different ways. It is best to place a container with water while we preheat the oven, and after we have introduced the meatloaf, (about 20-25 minutes) to vaporize with water, to help the formation of it. Lower the temperature to about 200-190º. The colour that, meatloaf takes is on our own taste will indicate the ideal time to remove it from the oven.

The time and temperature that a meatloaf requires for cooking actually depend on the specific instructions in the recipe. So this means how long to cook meatloaf has a rule of thumb, cook one of a medium size weighing 1 to 1½ pound (453 to 780 g), it should be cooked at 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius) for a time of 50 to 70 minutes. Thus, a cake weighing 2 pounds (900 g) should be cooked at the same temperature, but the time should be 75 to 90 minutes. However, you may have to adjust the time and temperature if you use a mold of a different size than the one that asks for the recipe.

Meatloaf Recipe:

It is very simple and it is rest assured that you will love it.

  • 600 grams of minced meat mixed
  • 7-8 slices of bacon
  • 5-6 slices of Cheddar cheese
  • 60 grams of raisins
  • 50 grams of olives
  • 10 grams of breadcrumbs
  • Two large eggs
  • A large onion
  • A clove of garlic
  • A teaspoon paprika
  • Two tablespoons of mustard
  • Pepper
  • Salt

The meatloaf is a fairly traditional preparation in much of our country, and it is a recipe that there are lots of variants, as can be prepared in various ways, especially using many different ingredients, both for stuffing to accompany the meatloaf. Everyone can make their own meatloaf using only the ingredients that you like, so it is easy to make new combinations. We are going to propose some recipes that we hope you like.

Before starting with the recipe say that to make the meat pie you can use minced meat according to your tastes. We use half veal and half pork, but you can use only one type of meat if you prefer. It is always better to choose the meat in the butcher shop and get it there at the moment, so we avoid chopping it at home and also make sure that we use fresh meat since the minced meat trays that are already prepared are not always the best quality.

Classic Meatloaf Recipe

Once we have the meat already chopped, we will throw it in a large bowl and add the chopped onion and garlic, for which you can use the chopper to make them, sweet paprika, salt and black pepper to taste, mix well to best possible. We also add a couple of tablespoons of mustard, or some other sauce that we like, to give an extra touch of flavour to the minced meat. Let’s prepare the oven tray in which we will bake the meatloaf once we have it ready. On the same place a good piece of paper of oven and on the same we pour the previous mixture, we stretch it well and we make with the same one rectangular form, to be able to roll it later. Next, we will light the oven and preheat it to 180ºC so that it is ready when we finish. In addition, we beat the eggs and make a French tortilla, the finest and largest we can.

We continue placing the stretched meat the French tortilla so that it is centered on the minced meat and other ingredients. On top of it, we placed several slices of cheddar cheese, and then we distributed the raisins and the chopped olives on top. Put more or less quantity as you like more or less, you can even replace them with others you like more. With all the ingredients already ready, we will go rolling the cake very carefully, for which we will be using the paper of oven to do the best thing possible, pressing each time that we enclose a part of the same.

We should stay at the end the cake well rolled and well pressed. Cut the excess paper oven, leaving only a piece under the cake, so it does not stick, and then put a few slices of bacon on it. Put the meatloaf in the oven, which must already be hot, and bake for about 40-45 minutes, with heat above and below. If the bacon from the top we see that it has already golden brown, remove the heat from above or cover with some foil. Once it is ready, we can serve it, but it is better to leave it for a few hours so that it compacts well and the flavours are mixed at all. When you serve it you can cut it into slices and accompany it with some salsa, you will see how rich it is.

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