How To Make An Omelette – Easy Step By Step Guide

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Maybe the recipe for the omelette is one of the first, that everyone should learn to do and we have proposed that those who are starting in the kitchen with us, can prepare this recipe for the omelette with onion, and many other variations, with a for sure exceptional taste.

We will tell you how to make an omelette.The egg is certainly one of the most versatile foods in the kitchen. This is used in sweet and savoury dishes. This is present in the cuisine from around the world, bringing all its nutritional value.

Include it in your feed as the egg has a high nutritional value. Rest assured that these delicious omelettes will lure you trouble for those days when no one is at home because it is an easy recipe to prepare. How to make an omelette is extremely easy..Read on to mastery at it.

How to Make an Omelette

How to Make an Omelette                                                                                                          source

How to make an omelette:

The first things we need are the ingredients:

  • Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Onion
  • Salt
  • And oil.

If we want to learn how to make an omelette with cheese, then we must use good ingredients, the potatoes should be soft and flourless, fresh eggs and if they are better corral, good onions and olive oil soft.  We have to make a good pan with the nonstick in good condition so that it does not stick to us; a tip is only to use it to make tortillas and fried eggs.

A very practical trick that you can use if you do not have a good frying pan so that it does not stick to your potato omelette is to cover the bottom of the pan with salt, then fry until a light tan, then remove the salt with Kitchen paper or a cloth and you can use the pan without danger of the food sticking.

The entire process of preparation is done by eye and it is almost impossible to make a potato omelette with exact amounts. The important thing is that the ratio of ingredients is correct. A rule that you can use if you like curd is the following: for each potato, the size of a closed fist put an egg and if you like very juicy for every 3 potatoes put 4 eggs or 5 if they are small. It is always better in a case of doubt to sin to put an egg of more than less.


1- First, we peel and cut potatoes, some people prefer to cut them into thin slices and diced another important thing is that they all have a similar size to that take the same time to become. Once we cut him cast the good handful of salt and put them in hot oil.

2- Now cut the onion into not too small pieces, the amount of onion is in taste, from those who do not like and do not put or put a tiny onion, even those who like a lot and put one or two onions omelet depending on the Size of onions and potato omelette, you will have to go testing to find the formula that you like. So that we do not cry when cutting an effective trick is to do it under the smoke extractor on or in a place with a draft, try it you will see how it works.

3- It’s time to fry the potatoes in plenty of hot oil. The cooking point should be between fried and cooked, almost fried but not quite crispy. So do not run the risk that it will be raw and will drain better all the oil. When the potato is almost cooked, we will throw the onion, with 3 minutes will be enough to be ready, although here also each teacher has a trick and many fry it next to the potato from the beginning.

4- While the potatoes are fried can go whisking eggs in a bowl and add to these a pinch of salt. To make it very spongy we separate the yolks from the whites and set these to their snowy point, we can also add a teaspoon of yeast and we will get the same effect. If we want it to be juicier we will add a splash of cold milk.

5- When the potatoes are ready in the oil so throw them in the well-beaten eggs and let the mixture stand 10 minutes so that the potato to soak in and acquire the right consistency. The egg should cover the potato and the onion.

6- Now put a tablespoon of oil in the pan thoroughly cleaned and when hot pour the mixture and let it do 1 or 2 minutes depending on whether we like it more or less curd.

7- We also have to have a dish with which we are going to turn the potato omelette and this must always be bigger than the pan to not have problems when turning it around and that we are so scared, we must make a move quickly and safely, firmly and decisively. Put this on the frying pan and hold it tightly with one hand while we use the other to turn it by grabbing the handle. Now we only need to put the tortilla back in the pan so that it finishes curdling on the other side. This will take us 1 or 2 minutes if we like juicy then 2 or 3 minutes if we like more curd. We passed the omelette to a clean plate and ready!

8- With these little tricks you get to enjoy a tasty potato omelette, now you just have to practice.


The omelette with onion is one of the most characteristic dishes of our cuisine. Accompanied by a tomato and cucumber salad, it is a delicious lunch. In addition, it is also ideal for cold snacks. Apart from all this you can do a lot of variations like;

  • Spinach omelette with egg.
  • Stuffed egg omelette … Super rich!
  • Omelette with egg, vegetables and pasta.
  • Omelette with potatoes, egg and scrambled sausage.
  • Omelette with good grass.
  • Omelette, cod, and mushrooms.

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