How to Make Nachos at Home

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If you want to know how to make nachos at home, do not fail to read, it is much easier than it seems and this will not be the last time that makes them at home. Nachos are the name given in Mexico to tortilla chips fried or roasted to acquire a crunchy texture. Generally its shape is triangular and they vary in size, usually, they are consumed in the company of beans, sauces, guacamole, etc. The Nachos are one of those Mexican dishes that are known worldwide and almost all have consumed on occasion. How to make nachos at home is very simple. Learn it with us.

What are Nachos?

The Nachos are composed tortilla chips that are triangular. They are fried and served covered cheese normally, but can be added various other ingredients to it. In fact, the chips are nothing but a fried flatbread with triangular shape used as an appetizer smearing it in a sauce and served with a drink. It is used as if it were a covered because it is taken with the hand to raise the sauce.

Well, the fact is that there are many of the recipes for making nachos and they are certainly a hit with your guests.The flavor of this dish is a combination of different elements, but essentially triangular chunks of corn tortilla that are fried, and also covered with shredded cheese or sliced cheddar which then melts. This thin crust option can be accompanied with meat or chicken enchilada sauce, refried beans, diced tomato, lettuce and sour cream.


How to Make Nachos

  How to Make Nachos

How to Make Nachos at Home?

We are going to describe below briefly how to make nachos at home although there are many different recipes that have elaborations and various ingredients, which may vary from one to another. We will offer a detailed step by step recipe for how to make nachos at home, and we ascertain that you will be excited to try them out. They are simple to prepare with this recipe that we supply you so that you have a simple way to elaborate them.

Mexican nachos are ideal for a snack before dinner, or to go with rounds of drinks. We can eat them with an endless variety of sauces and accompaniments, or also with sautéed vegetables. Its preparation is extremely simple, and also allows us to flavor them or give them a personalized touch to entertaining our friends and family.

To prepare nachos we start from the base of the cooking of corn tortillas, mixing corn flour with ¼ of wheat flour (in equal proportion), a little salt and cold water to join. With this, we make disks and cook in a frying pan or pot of flat bottom of very thick, on both sides. Then let them be cool.The preparation of nachos is intrinsically equal to that of the chips: we begin with cooked corn tortillas, cut them into triangular shapes, and fry in hot oil. Then, let drain on paper napkins and let cool, until they are cold and crispy.

Another technique is baking. To do this, we will place the triangles of cooked corn tortillas in a furnace source (preferably a source of clay, which may be oiled), and take to the strong oven, until they take on their characteristic golden color.

Flavoured Nachos:

They can be prepared flavored nachos ready to eat in many ways and variants. For example, we can bake them with strips of cheeses very tasty, and also some thin strips of ham, for some nachos of cheese. Also bake with chili creams or other sauces for cooking, so that diners can consume them directly from the oven, with an added dressing.


How to Make Nachos Cheese

Cheese Nachos:

The nachos are traditional cheese of Mexican cuisine are prepared by cuts omelets to a source of mud, and the strips covered with cheddar cheese. Garnish with sour sauce and thin strips or cubes of chopped chili (can be chili, jalapeños, and hot peppers, red or green, or other, including red, green and yellow peppers). They are taken to the strong oven until they are well browned and the cheese is melted. This dish can be eaten hot, warm or cold, accompanied by cold beer, tequila or other refreshing drink.

To Eat:

When the nachos are put on the plate (or tray) is better to use a plate as large as possible (and ovenproof) for the nachos are not piled up one upon another. If you do not follow this advice the nachos that remain below will become soft when you take them out of the oven and they will not be rich. Also, neither will take cheese nor the rest of ingredients.

You can use the cheese you prefer for these nachos, yes, make sure it blends well. It is usually recommended to use cheddar and mozzarella half and the half. By the way, in addition to the cheese melts well have to make sure you have enough flavor, so we advise you to always mix various cheeses so you make sure your nachos with cheese taste good.

One last thing, when the nachos put in the oven to keep in mind that what we want is that the cheese melts. The fact is that the melted cheese has the best taste which is good and liked by the people, but has a disadvantage that when it cools becomes harder and then when you want to take a nacho you will see that they have stuck several between each other.

Keep in mind that how to make nachos chips at home can be done in different ways because it is a recipe with a lot of flexibility that allows you to use a variety of ingredients and do all sorts of combinations with them. The fact is that the traditional recipes vary from state to state, so there are actually many variants that are considered traditional.


If you want to add a touch of extra flavor to the dish, cut some jalapeno slices and add them above, they are very rich. You can also add black beans refried above, as another display option.

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