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8 Easy Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

According to several studies, 30% of the population has some trouble sleeping. The reason could be work, classes, exams, studies … day-to-day stress forces us to rest for at least 8 hours a day, but sometimes we spend hours wandering in bed trying to fall asleep without success. If your thoughts, concerns, or ideas run through your mind all night, you may find it impossible to sleep, and less quickly. However, it is possible to fall asleep quickly, but you have to make some changes in your daily routine. Try the following 8 ways to fall asleep.

8 Easy Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

                                                Easy Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

8 ways to fall asleep:-

With a little bit of modification, we are sure you would sleep well. Carry on and read the 8 ways to fall asleep.


  • Make changes immediately:

Turn off all electronic devices. To sleep, the body increases the levels of hormones that induce sleep as it gets dark. This makes you feel tired and ready to go to bed shortly after everything is completely dark. If you watch TV, play video games or use your laptop, cell phone or tablet, you will be blocking the production of these hormones. They will keep you active. Remove all electronic gadgets with light displays at least 1 hour before going to sleep. Studies show that people who play video games or computer games more than 7 hours a week sleep less than those who do not. If you adjust to that criterion and suffer from chronic lack of sleep, try to cut back on the time you spend playing.

Apart from the brightness of the screens, social media (such as cell phones and computers) can increase stress and anxiety levels. Tell no to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, email and any other network or social medium in which you participate at least 1 hour before going to sleep.

  • Take a hot bath:

Increasing the temperature of the skin increases the sensation of drowsiness and makes the journey to deep sleep much faster. Take a hot shower or bath 30 minutes before bedtime and take advantage of the benefits of sleep. For best results, make sure the water temperature is above 37 ° C (100 ° F). Very cold water does not give the same results as hot water. A hot bath is good for inducing relaxation, so make sure you enjoy the water for at least 20 minutes, regardless of whether you take a hot shower or bath.

  • Cool your room:

Warm skin and a cool room are a perfect combination to sleep quickly. Lower your thermostat temperature to about 18 ° C (65 ° F) or below. Cold air temperatures induce sleep and prevent night sweats. In addition, having a cool room will give you a good excuse to cuddle with your partner, releasing anxiety and stress.

  • Keep the darkness:

Bright lights (not just electronic lights) can be a major obstacle to falling asleep. They deceive the body to make it believe that it is too early to go to sleep and prevent the increase of the hormones responsible for sleep. Turn off all the lights in your room, the outside lights and the lamps to fall asleep faster. Do not forget to close the blinds! Curtains that block light can be of great benefit to sleep when combined with closed blinds. If you want to read or write before bedtime (you could write plans for the next day), try using a reading lamp instead of a table lamp or a ceiling lamp. They are so small that they will not affect your hormones very much.

If you have a shiny watch, use the dimmer option to reduce the brightness of the display. Also put the clock away from your bed, so that you do not receive the light directly and do not get distracted every time watching the time.

  • Read a book:

Reading is a wonderful way to reduce stress and help you relax your mind. Choose a book that you like and read a little just before going to sleep. Avoid reading books of horror or action, as these have the opposite effect and leave you thinking about the bed, even longer than you had planned! Choose a long book. It will give you more sleep before going too far into the book. This one is the best from all 8 ways to fall asleep.

Best Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

  • Write a diary:

Clarify your mind by writing a diary if you find that your mind simply does not shut down or that you struggle with daily stress when you try to fall asleep. Write down everything that happened to you during the day as well as things that worry you or stress you. Taking those thoughts out of your mind and turning them over on paper facilitates the transition to deep sleep and helps you sleep with lesser feelings of anxiety.

  • Take a supplement:

Many plants and minerals have been used for centuries to help you fall asleep. Try some of the following supplements on the nights before going to bed to see if they help you sleep faster:

  • Calcium and magnesium work in harmony to help you sleep. Take 600 mg of calcium and 200 mg of magnesium every night and wait to see the results.
  • Hop is not just for beer, it is also ideal for inducing that lethargic feeling you need to sleep. It helps with insomnia and also to reduce anxiety. Take between 30 mg and 120 mg of hop supplement every night before going to sleep.
  • Try a supplement based on wild lettuce. Wild lettuce tablets help with sleep, anxiety and depression. All in one! Take between 30 mg and 120 mg every night.
  • Use a theanine supplement (also known as L-theanine) every night to improve your alertness during the day and sleep quality at night. You can also drink green tea in the mornings, which contains small amounts of this amino acid.
  • Take supplements based on valerian root. This is one of the oldest remedies for insomnia: it helps you fall asleep and also gives you more quality. Take between 200 mg and 800 mg of the supplement every night.
  • Reduce unwanted noise:

It turns on a white noise generator or a recording with sounds of nature. Constant low-level sounds drown out other noises that keep you from falling asleep. You can also listen to soft and relaxing music. There are specific pieces of music that can help you sleep; do some research on the Internet to see the many possibilities available and find a melody that fits your needs. Make sure you choose quiet and relaxing music! Experiment with different types of music to find the best songs to sleep. Consider using headphones to reduce any annoying sound or loud background noise. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to sleep while a car alarm rings or your neighbor’s dog barks.

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