Best Layered Hairstyles & Cuts for Long Hair in 2017

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A good and rather fabulous way to style up and raise the attraction level of your hair is to make up some layers within your shoulder or longer length hair styles. By adding some layers, you help add a lot of shape, a lot of volume and a great load of texture to your look. Thick hair is or can be made light and bouncy with fun wispy pieces cut throughout the frame of the hair. Adding a few layers around your beautiful face is one of the best and great ways to soften angular faces shapes, and then add interest.

Layered hairstyles for long hair and straight hair

  Layered hairstyles for long hair and straight hair

Having said all that, we have compiled a versatile and large list of layered hair styles based on long hair and straight hair.


Curly Couture Hairstyles

This is a chiseled haircut that is a great shape for curly haired girls. The short to medium layers of the hair help to keep the length looking light and also make this style much easier to manage. Keeping the hair always parted on the sides keeps this style very whimsical, beautiful and airy.


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Shorter layers will and have always helped add a lot of volume to your look. This very sleek style has lots and lots of textures from short hair based ones to medium layers throughout and even around the face for framing. It is a great idea to beautifully accent your layers with some hidden pops of color. This particular style is a very dark brown one with quite some deep red tones as a highlight. This hair style not only makes a woman look attractive but also adds up a great scent of beauty to her face given the confident and bold look it creates.


Long Hairstyles with Side Bangs Red Hair

This hairstyle showcases a range of beautiful colors and textures. Some dark cherry colored hair or dark chocolate colored hair with shaggy layers throughout is very youthful and quite some fun. Add short sided bangs to add quite a flair and interest. This hair style is a very attractive one and given the fact that red heads are already very attractive, this does nothing but add to their beauty. Following that, this hair style is also quite easy to manage which is to say that women can easily carry and wear this hair style and its variants to work.


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This is another beautiful and amazing example of a quite rich and attractively conspicuous red color! This is a particular shade that is a lot deeper when it comes to base with subtle copper highlighting throughout to easily help create movement and depth. This adorable and beautiful cut frames the face beautifully and makes it cuter with chiseled layers in the front and longer layers throughout. Some of its extreme part also helps easily frame the face and blatantly create a fun shape.

Hope you like our list!!

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