15 Fabulous Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair 2017

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Hairstyles have always been a topic worth debating, and when it comes to braided hairstyles, the game just goes way above the control line! This is just to say that nothing beats a trendy braided hair style and given its acceptance in today’s date- It makes a perfect hairstyle for 2017. In easy words, braids are an easy way to forget and lose track of having to restyle hair again and again for months! Not only do braids ensure easy handling of hair given the fact that hair is easily tied up, but they also ensure that a woman can easily work too while she follows all the latest designs, trends and hair styles.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top trendy braided hairstyles in 2017 for women. Our list is based on the merit of beauty, elegance, perfection, class and most importantly ingenuity.

15 Fabulous Braided Hair Styles for Long Hair

                                                           Fabulous Braided Hair Styles for Long Hair

Braided Hair With jumbo French Braid, Sideways adjusted:-

This hairstyle makes a person look as trendy as one need to be. Put up a dark red or shocking pink lipstick and just observe the level of attraction this trendy hairstyle brings. Perhaps, this is just the reason that this hair style is amongst the most accepted, practiced and trendy hair styles for 2017! A French braid goes from being sweet and sassy to passionately hot and sour hence to say that it is a top notch hair style for people into trendy hair styles!

Twisted Up Do with Blond Highlights:-

Blond and up done? This is the perfect hairstyle if you want such hair that not only goes up the head but also up the hair trends list. This hairstyle is perhaps one of the most acceptable hair styles of 2017 as it fulfills all and any levels of trends that a person can ask for. Following that, the blonde highlights on the hair make it as conspicuous as one wants!

Wide Side Braids:-

Side Fishtail Braided Hair Styles for Long Hair

One of the latest and most original new braiding styles is the flat, wide braid which is not only easy to achieve and make but also one made, is easy to manage. The plaiting is medium- loose and then pulled out gently at the sides to make the weaving look flatter, wider and inadvertently more beautiful! All of this together give a food casual, relaxed, sassy as well as classic look to a woman.

Cool Marley Twists and Side Ways Adjustment:-

Women can easily create this hairstyle by chucking up hair, twisting them and braiding them towards a specific side. As the name suggests, this hairstyle is one of the trendiest hairstyles when it comes to braided hair! The carefree look of the braids gives a vibe that a person looks cuter, puffier, much more a hipster than a messier hairstyle person. If you are into braids, this hairstyle is a must try for you! Hence, this hairstyle makes it as our best braid based hairstyle for women with long hair.

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