Eight Months Pregnant

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Pregnancy is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman. Pregnancy can occur by sexual intercourse or assisted reproductive technology and it lasts around 40 weeks from the last menstrual period. Symptoms of early pregnancy may include missed periods, tender breasts, nausea and vomiting, hunger, and frequent urination. Pregnancy may be confirmed with a pregnancy test.

Time Period:

First Trimester:

There are three trimesters of pregnancy. The first one is up to thirteen weeks since fertilization. After the ten weeks, implantation occurs. The first trimester can be quite overwhelming. About twenty-five percent of women experience bleeding in this time. Women may experience bouts of nausea, tender swollen breasts, increased urination, fatigue along with heartburn and constipation.

Second Trimester:

The second trimester starts from fourteen weeks till twenty-five weeks. The second trimester is, for many women, the easiest three months of pregnancy. During the second trimester, your baby is growing quickly.

Third Trimester:

This is the last trimester. The third trimester starts from twenty-eight weeks and ends in the thirty-ninth weeks along with the whole process. The third trimester of pregnancy can be tiring and uncomfortable. Your baby’s size and position might make it hard for you to get comfortable.

eight months pregnant

  eight months pregnant

Eight Months:

The eight months (thirty-one to thirty-five weeks) of pregnancy are part of the third and last trimester of pregnancy.

Thirty-One Weeks:

In thirty-one weeks, the baby is about forty-two centimeters in length, 1.60 in weight. Fat accumulates under the skin and the sensation of heat burn is experienced. During this time, breathing for the mother may become difficult as the baby is compressing the space that would normally be occupied by the internal organs of the mother, so they all get squished out of position. That includes the lungs, which are also working harder in the effort to bring in enough oxygen for the baby as well as the mother. This is the point where one should sit back, relax, and not be too hard on them.

Thirty Second to Thirty-Third Week:

In the thirty second to thirty-third week, the baby’s toenails, fingernails, and real hair have already been formed. The blood volume is now 40-50% more than that before pregnancy. Heartburn may be experienced as the uterus is compressing the stomach. It is recommended to eat small frequent meals and to elevate the head using a pillow. Back pain may also increase.

Thirty-Forth to Thirty-Fifth Week:

In the last two weeks, the baby’s brain is working effectively, and memory is forming. The baby can sleep and even dream by this time. The baby can even breathe without any difficulty by this time. The nervous system and immune system are still finishing their final touches and the pupils react to light as well. The hair and toenails are developed; your Baby will gain weight in the next few weeks, and if delivery occurs by this time there is 99% chance that your baby will survive. The mother may experience frequent urination or heartburn, because of the enlarged uterus.

The mother is advised to take frequent rests and save energy for the big day.

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