How To Get Rid of Bug Bites Scars – Home Remedies Ways

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Most people don’t really like bugs. Even the ones who are fascinated by them develop a hatred for them when they are bitten. Be it mosquitos, bees or any kind of bug. If you’re bitten, you must treat the wound carefully or else it could turn out to be very harmful. Here are some ways you can use to get rid of bug bites.

Clean the Bite:

Before doing anything, the first thing you must do after a bug bite is to clean it with water. Use soap and hot water to treat the area. If there seems to be a swelling, try to compress the bite by applying an ice pack. The ice will get rid of any itchiness you feel and will provide a temporary relief.

How To Get Rid of Bug Bites

  How To Get Rid of Bug Bites

Apply anti-itch Lotion:

If applying an ice pack does not remove the itchiness completely, try applying an anti-itch lotion as a solution. There are many types of anti-itch lotions available at your local pharmacy and if you are confused over what type would be best for your skin, ask your pharmacist or doctor.

Apple cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is another effective way you relieve yourself of any itchiness or burning sensation. Due to the high acid content that is present within the liquid, it can prove to be useful for curing a bug bite. If the symptoms continue to bother you, try to re-apply the liquid and allow it to dry.

Lemon Juice:

Ever present with acidic content, lemon juice is a popular option used to treat bug bites, mainly bee stings. It is also anti-inflammatory so it will reduce any swellings and redness. You can use it by dipping a cotton ball in lemon juice and applying it over the affected areas. If the symptoms continue to bother you, re-apply the lemon juice.


Most toothpaste products are minty and have a cooling effect on the bite. The cooling effect reduces itchiness and avoids swelling. Make sure to use a paste rather than a gel. You can use this by simply applying the toothpaste on the area affected.

Fruit and Vegetables:

It is known that some fruit and vegetables contain enzymes that reduce swelling and itchiness. These include garlic, onion, cucumber, and papaya. Lay a slice of onion, cucumber or papaya over a wound to get rid of any swellings and itchiness. For garlic, you must crush it and apply over the bitten area.

Tea Bags:

Used tea bags can also help you get comfortable after a painful bug bite. They contain tannins and astringent, components that can help you get rid of any swellings. You need to cool a used tea bag for at-least 20 minutes and apply it over the affected area for about 15 minutes. Repeat the process if the symptoms still bother you.

These were some methods you can use to fight off bug bites. Bug bites can be difficult and painful to cope with but luckily there are a number of methods you can use aid the healing process.

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