How to Know if you Have Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

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When a person knows how his body feels and looks he is able to figure out the changes that might appear during any disease or medical condition such as cancer. This article is based on ‘how to know if you have cancer?’ If a person sees any signs or symptoms that are not usual then in that case he must see a doctor. There are some signs or symptoms that must be checked. Don’t worry if doctor says that you a having the symptoms of cancer because as earlier the caner is found, more easily it can be cured through treatments.

How do you know if you have cancer, Or how to tell if you have cancer? Here are some of the signs and symptoms of cancer that you must know about.

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Common signs and symptoms of cancer include:-

  • Unusual or necessary bleeding
  • Unexplained loss of weight
  • Swelling or a lump
  • Unusual pain

These symptoms are usually causes by some other health conditions. In order to save yourself from these symptoms do visit your doctor once a week. Your general practitioner can tell you how bad the symptoms are and how can the symptoms be treated effectively. According to many recent studies a cancer that reaches the 3rd or 4th stage cannot be cured easily. Cancer is amongst the most dangerous diseases that are not cured easily. The symptoms and signs of cancer entirely depends upon the part of body the cancer is diagnosed or how big it is in size. Once the cancer start to spread inside the body, the signs and symptoms start changing their change and size.

How to know if you have cancer? This article will answer a number of questions given below:-

How to know if you have cancer from smoking?

The major reason behind the occurrence of lung cancer is cigarette smoking. According to many studies 95 percent of lung cancers are caused due to excessive cigarette or tobacco smoking. The risk of cancer especially the lung cancer increases when a person smokes a lot of cigarette daily. According to the doctors a person who smokes three to four cigarette pack daily is more likely is die because of lung cancer.

How to know if you have testicular cancer?

The signs or symptoms of testicular cancer are usually not visible or may not seem as serious as the symptoms of lung cancer. Testicles inflammation known as orchitis or of epididymis known as epididymitis has signs that are similar to the signs testicular cancer. Inflammation causes irritation and pain in testicles. Sometimes a lump is formed on a person’s testicle that is painless, so if you see any kind of lump even if it does not causes any pain you must see your doctor.

How do you know if you have breast cancer?

The most common symptoms of a breast cancer is the formation of a lump in the breast. These type of lumps are usually stiff and painless, however not all lumps are painless some are painful too. If you notice or feel a mass or a lump on your breast immediately sees your doctor because the sooner the cancer is diagnoses the more better it will be for a person’s life and health.  According to many experts and doctors the most dangerous form of breast cancer is inflammatory breast cancer.

How to know if you have brain cancer?

General symptoms of brained cancer or brain tumor are caused by force of tumor on a person’s spinal corn. This usually happens when an area of a brain stops working because of tumor. The common signs of brain cancer are headache and migraine.

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