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How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie at Home

Easy Strawberry-Banana Smoothies:

The strawberry is the edible fruit of the plant called Fragaria (strawberry) and is usually used as a gastronomic input (in desserts, juices, jams, etc.) and even as a medicinal plant (for its diuretic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-cholesterol properties, among other). Their presence in our homes is normal.

For its part, the banana is the fruit of the paradisiac muse plant (known by us as a guide, banana, banana, etc). In our homes, we usually differentiate between two groups of bananas: those that we properly call “bananas” and have solid texture and serve to eat fried, roasted or cooked. Of them the banana that serves us for the preparation of the juice or smoothie is the banana or banana of silk, that is to say, we eat like fruit. Having said this let’s get down to work with this simple recipe that in a few seconds will allow us to enjoy a delicious juice of the fruits that are probably the most appreciated by children and large. Today we will tell you a step by step way of how to make a strawberry banana smoothie at home.

How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie

  How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie

What is a Smoothie?

Prior to knowing, how to make a strawberry banana smoothie at home, we must know what a smoothie is? The smoothie is a healthy and refreshing drink, which allows a great combination of ingredients since its base is the fruit but we can add mixed vegetables, flavorings, and some additives to make them more tasty and complete.  We hope you like our proposals and enjoy preparing them, sure to surprise your guests with these recipes, which are really easy to prepare. We will let know you that how to make a strawberry banana smoothie at home. It is best for those who want to avoid milk and enjoy a lighter, refreshing drink, so it is recommended having this smoothie of strawberry and banana.

Or we can say that, for it is a much more modern way of talking about shakes of a lifetime. To sum up a lot we could say that the smoothies are prepared with a crushed fruit base in which some kind of liquid (juice) or creamy (yogurt, milk) is added depending on the consistency or creaminess that you want to give.

How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie at Home?

It has the best taste and texture. It is super – refreshing and is great for taking in spring and summer. It is ideal for a snack for example, and especially for children to eat fruit. It is one of the smoothies that is the richest and best known is this that we show below. We show you step by step how to make a strawberry banana smoothie at home, that is simple to make and refreshing. The main difference between a smoothie and milkshake is that substituting milk beaten by crushed ice in the smoothie – though some people add a little milk to a smoothie, everything is crushed finely together before serving which presents an equally soft and fluffy texture but avoiding the heaviness of a smoothie.

  • Two Glasses of Milk
  • Three bananas
  • Two Natural Yogurts or Banana
  • Orange juice (optional)
  • Sugar (Optional)
  • Ice (Optional)
  • Strawberries

Strawberry Banana Smoothie


The smoothies are very healthy and refreshing beverages can be prepared with all kinds of fruits, and even vegetables, or combinations thereof. It is usually added to milk, yogurt, cream, sugar … to make the drink, and we can add crushed ice to make the smoothie more refreshing. The possibilities of combining ingredients to make different smoothies are many.  Preparing a simple but very tasty smoothie of banana and strawberry is the best, which will be prepared easily in a few steps and in a short time. We will use a glass mixer to make it more comfortable, but if you do not have a traditional mixer or a chopper. The best is to have all the ingredients very cold to get a smoothie cool.

In case you want to use crushed ice to make the drink more refreshing, add some ice in the glass and chop a little, so that they are chopped a little but not too chopped, since in that case they would end up totally chopped and that would make to mar the smoothie , we have to avoid. Another option is to add whole ice, especially if they are not too large.

Then we add the peeled and chopped bananas, strawberries, milk glasses and yogurts, which can be natural or banana, and we can add sugar or brown sugar if we want to sweeten even the smoothie. If you want you can add the orange juice, it will give a touch of very curious flavour. Then we beat well until we left everything well beaten, forming a smoothie creamy texture which can control adding more milk if we want to make it more liquid, or yogurt or banana if we make it denser. And we take coldish to enjoy this delicious smoothie of strawberry and banana.

And that’s it, you have ready your smoothie strawberry and banana. Comes out pretty much, I think to fill 3-4 glasses. Do you know what you can add? You can also put some or more of the whipped cream, trust me it tastes well enough.


The good smoothies and that includes this smoothie strawberry and banana, is that besides being delicious, be refreshing and light, we can prepare in advance and, at the time of serving, add crushed ice and blend with mixer. The combinations of smoothies that can be made are practically infinite because it is a matter of only trying until you find the one that we like the most.

What are Some Advantages of Smoothies?

Well apart from good and refreshing, they are very healthy and healthy! Well, after making some combinations this weekend, the most we liked for the moment is the Smoothie recipe of strawberry and banana.

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