How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly Step by Step

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Eyeliner is a cosmetic which is used to define the eyes and give the face a different look, or even enhance one’s look. There are different ways in which one can apply eyeliner either by using different mediums such as a pencil, liquid eyeliner and many more methods. There are different styles and colors of the eyeliner which can make the look different and unique.

Applying Liquid Eyeliner:-


Although applying eyeliner may look like an easy task, but once you get to it, it can be quite difficult. You should choose the medium which compliments you. The easiest way is the liquid eyeliner. To ensure that the eyeliner is not grainy and is in a smooth liquid texture, it should be mixed before it is applied. Another common misconception is applying moisturizer on the eye before applying eyeliner. This just makes it more difficult to apply as the surface of the eye gets smooth and creamy.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner


The most important thing to keep in mind is the shape of your eyes. The shape of your eyes can determine what kinds of eyeliner suits you, either its winged or simple eyeliner.

First, by using a brush, dab and blend the concealer right under your lash line. This helps in hiding the blemishes as well as the dark circles and even helps in enhancing the color of the eyeliner.  Now start from the middle, this helps in making the arc of the winged eyeliner. If you are worried about getting an even line, you can line your upper lash line with pencil liner first and then go over this line with liquid liner. This will ensure the shape of the liner. If you make a mistake, dip a cotton swab in some makeup remover and use the tip of the cotton swab to fix it. You can wipe away excess liner or even out a crooked edge.

It is advised to add a wing as it intensifies the look. There are many styles of winged liner, the most famous being the cat eye look. Also, by underlining the waterline the look looks more complete.

Tricks and Techniques:-

Applying eyeliner can be difficult if you have unsteady hands and if you are a beginner, they are many different tricks and techniques which make this easy. The tape method is the easiest and most convenient by far. In this method, just apply tape at the end of your eye towards your eyebrow and then draw your curve along the tape. This is an easy method and even professional makeup artists use this technique.

Another technique is the dot technique. In this technique, you can draw dots along the eyelid and then put dots where you want your arc to be. Join the dots and voila! You have your eyeliner right there.

Applying eyeliner is one of the most difficult techniques to master, but once you can do so you can consider yourself a professional!

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