How To Do Makeup For Natural Look at Home

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Doing makeup is a broad process that includes many different processes. Most women and men who enjoy applying makeup are aware of the basics but we will be looking at some of the tips and tricks you can use to improve the accuracy and quality of your application.

Get good face cleaners:-

Having a clean face makes a lot of difference when it comes to applying makeup. Having a face wash that can remove the dead skin cells, blackheads, oil and dirt can help you in the process of applying makeup. With a cleaner face, the makeup you apply can look better and you will need less makeup than you would with an unclean face. Make sure you get a face wash that compliments your skin and makes it smooth and clean.

How to Do Makeup For Natural Look

Choose a good foundation:-

If your skin is clear of any freckles or spots you just need a good moisturizer to smoothen the skin up. If not, use a foundation. Make sure you apply the product you choose in daylight so you can find the one that suits you best. Its best to ask a professional to find the right color. Once you find the right product, mix a small amount of illuminator with your foundation. This will help you get a glowing skin. It is better to apply the mixture with your fingers (make sure to wash your hands) however it can be done with a brush as well. Apply the mixture in a circular motion. Remember that the foundation is used to even out your skin tone and remove any impurities.

Buy a good concealer:-

Make sure you buy a concealer that is close to your skin tone. The concealer is used to get rid of any zits or redness on the skin. You can use your fingers to dab it onto your skin as well as a brush.

Apply a bronzer or blush:-

Get a bronzer that isnt too dark or light for your skin. This may make your skin look out of sorts so it is important to get one that matches your skin tone. Use an angled brush to apply the bronzer. Work in a cross motion to apply. This can help your ace look thinner. To do this you must apply the bronzer under the apples of the cheeks.

Apply eye makeup:-
  • Curl your eye lashes for about 10-15 minutes on each side.
  • You can also eyelash extenders.
  • Apply mascara and wait for the coating to dry before applying another coating (2 coats are applied to avoid any lumpiness).
  • Apply eyeliner. This can be done in many ways such as applying liquid eyeliner or by a pencil.
  • Color your eyebrows if they aren’t even.

Makeup can be done in many ways. We have just touched the surface but discussed some basic ways you can apply makeup and look fabulous.


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