Best Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas for Dark Skin

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This article will give you the smoky eye makeup ideas for dark skin or complexion. According to some of the beauticians and makeup experts the eye-shades used on people with lighter complexion for smoky eye makeup do not work well for the people with darker skin complexion. Every eye-shade does not suit every person because every person has a different skin tone. So this article will provide you with some of the best smokey eye makeup ideas for darker skin. Makeup can become very challenging for the females with dark complexion. Don’t not feel bad if you have darker skin, just look for as many different eye makeup ideas as you can. Females with darker skin complexion usually have beautiful features for example plump lips, colored eyes and perfectly toned skin, so there are a number of ways that can help you show off. Apply different colors on your skin so that you’re able to figure out which color is best suitable for your darker skin. Go for seductive black and brown smoky eyes makeup because it looks so classy on every female either she has a white skin color or a dark.

You need the correct mixture of darker eye shades to get black smoky type of eye. You skin color does not matter because the only thing that matters is to select the best suitable shades for your skin. So don’t feel embarrass if you do not have a white complexion. Apply the right makeup on your face can make you look beautiful even if you have black skin. Most popular brands like L’Oreal and Mac have the smoky eye makeup for black skin; they might be a little expensive but are worth it.

Smokey eye makeup ideas for dark skin

How to do smoky eyes on dark skin?
Here are some of the best smoky eye makeup ideas for your dark skin tone.
  • Before applying any kind of makeup, it is very important to wash your face first.
  • Put a very light foundation layer on your skin.
  • Apply a concealer that is best suitable for your skin type and texture.
  • As a base, apply a peach color nude eyes shadow.
  • Use a good quality eye brush and apply this nude colored shadow all over your eyelid. Try to use sephora’s eye brush and eye shadow.
  • For the outer corner of your eyes and for the middle area select a dark purplish eye color.
  • On your eyes outer layer draw a thin v type of shade. This is the first step of giving a smoky eye look to your eye. You might find it difficult to make a perfect V, but don’t worry about it as it does not require a lot of perfection.  If accidentally you ruin your eye while making V, use a cotton bud and dip it in lotion in order to clear up the mess.
  • Choose the best black eye shadow.
  • Use the black eye shadow of your choice in order to define the socket line.
  • Apply more darker eye shades in order to give you eye the best smoky eye look.
  • In order to clean the harsh lines or edges use a brush to soften it.
  • After you get done with the eye shades draw a very thin line near your eyelashes with the help of eyeliner.
  • Now put mascara on your eyelashes to make your lashes look long and perfect. See yourself in the mirror and feel beautiful.

Now you are ready to leave for any formal occasion. Good luck!

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