Pakistani Frock Dresses Designs for Girls

What you’re going to wear for the party? This is the most common question that is not only faced by a Pakistani girl but everywhere girl in the world. Obviously, most of the time, according to the trend the answer is a frock. All of us want to look stylish, classy and stunning according to the new fashion trend. For your ease, we have summed up some of the latest fashionable frock designs trending across in Pakistan so you can look elegant as well as fashionable in your special moments.

The base trend is somehow the same but with the best and tiring efforts our designers have brought some remarkably stunning designs that would just make you say wow! Have a look at them!

#1: Bridal Dress Angrakha Style Frocks

Bridal Dress Angrakha Style Frocks 2017 for Women

Anarkali Frocks:-

A trend of the historic times, the Mughal era. The frock consists of numerous triangular patches that make the frock look flared. Latest Pakistani frock dress designs for girls include novelty in the old traditional Anarkali frocks. Now designers have designed embroidered patches as well as different coloured patches that give the frock an eye-catching and attractive look. Some of the designers have also designed the waistline and neckline of the frocks to give them a more glamorous look. You can wear the frock on formal as well as informal functions depending on the embellished work on the frock. The Kali on the frock (patches in the frock) is also designed exclusively for the customers as per the demand of the client.

Pishwas Frock:-

A frock with a longer length as compared to other frocks, that usually ends near the ankles so that only a small portion of Churidar pajama or tights can be seen. Pishwas frocks are famous in girls and according to the latest Pakistani frock dresses designs there is innovative and elegant embroidery and lace work on the frock that make them more attractive and charming. You can choose silk, chiffon or crinkle fabric to design a Pishwas frock for yourself. These frocks not only give you a feminine look but also add charm to your personality. The pishwas style frock can be seen in the pictures.

Angrakha Style Frocks:-

Reminds the person of the old traditional style frock. But in our latest Pakistani frock designs for girls, our designers have come up with innovative styles in which the upper jacket is either embroidered or embellished with stones and often consist of a see-through material that adds more beauty to the frock beneath the jacket. The frock also has a ribbon tied knots on the sides that give the frock a distinguishing and added beauty. The frock looks fabulous on brides and gives her a stylish as well as a charismatic look on her special day. So, planning to design an angrakha style frock for yourself, here are some designs which can help you in selecting a perfect frock for your special day. You can also wear the frock on your parties and events like Eid.

Pakistani Frock Dresses Designs for Girls:-

#2: Anarkali Wedding Style and Long Frock Design

Anarkali Wedding Style and Long Frock Design Collection
#3: Bridal Anarkali Frocks Design

Bridal Anarkali Frocks Design for Women
#4: Angrakha Style Dress Designs

Latest Angrakha Style Dress Designs For Women 2017-2018
#5: Latest Angrakha Style Dresses Designs

Latest Angrakha Style Dresses Designs Collection for Women
#6: Fancy Pishwas Dresses Long Anarkali Frocks

Latest Fancy Pishwas Dresses Long Anarkali Frocks for Women
#7: Long Anarkali Frocks And Fancy Pishwas Dresses

Long Anarkali Frocks And Fancy Pishwas Dresses For Women
#8: New Pakistani Dresses Designs

New Pakistani Dresses Designs for Girls 2017
#9: Pakistani & Indian Party Dresses

Pakistani & Indian Party Dresses for Women
#10: Pakistani Designer Dresses

Pakistani Designer Dresses Collection for Girls
#11: Pakistani Frock Dresses Designs

Pakistani Frock Dresses Designs for Girls
#12: Stylish Angrakha Style Frocks

Stylish Angrakha Style Frocks Collection for Women

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