The Most Flattering Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

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Many women have thick hair, and a large proportion of all the women who have thick hair prefer to keep their hair short. There is not a lot that a woman can do with short and thick hair, which is why women who are blessed with this kind of hair are constantly on the prowl for some new, decent hairstyles to try out. Well, the following are some of the best short hairstyles for thick hair:

The Marilyn Monroe:

Best ideas Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles

First and foremost, what is definitely one of the best short hairstyles for thick hair is the Marilyn Monroe. As suggested by its name, this hairstyle is based on Marilyn Monroe, the infamous actress who graced the big screen all over the world during the 20th century and become extremely popular for her work. The Marilyn Monroe is one of the absolute best hairstyles a woman with short and thick hair could possibly get, a hairstyle that is simplistic and elegant and also manages to add a touch of spice and adventure.

The bob:

Short Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

The bob is an extremely straightforward, simple and crystal clear hairstyle designed specifically for women who have thick hair. The bob is both easy to obtain and easy to recreate and maintain, making it all the more ideal. Furthermore, the bob is one of the most beautiful hairstyles that manage to add significantly to the looks of women who have short and thick hair.

The tomboy:

tomboy hairstyle for thick hair

An extremely ideal and simple hairstyle for women who have thick and short hair is the tomboy. The tomboy is a hairstyle in which the woman’s hair hangs a little lower than her ears, and is a hairstyle that is not only extremely easy to procure but is also very low maintenance. The tomboy is an extremely perfect hairstyle for women with short and long hair, especially women who are in the business industry and who want to portray themselves in as professional a light as they possibly can.

The boy cut:

Top Men's Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Another one of the best short hairstyles for thick hair is the boy cut. The boy cut is a hairstyle which involves a woman’s hair being cut extremely short, so short that it is no longer than 3-4 inches on the top and is much like the hairstyle that most boys and men are oh so fond of. The boy cut has become extremely popular as of the past few years, especially in the western areas of the world. The boy cut is also a highly ideal hairstyle for women whose hair is not only short or also thick because it exhibits the maximum volume of hair possible while making sure that the volume or hair is not excessive.

The neck-length cut:

New  Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Last, but most definitely not the least, another one of the best hairstyles designed for women who have short and thick hair is the neck-length cut. Women who sport the neck-length cut have hair that reaches down to their neck and shoulders, but stops there. The neck-length cut can also be modified and personalized in a number of different ways to fit the preferences and desires of the woman sporting it.

short hairstyles for thick hair

  short hairstyles for thick hair

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