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How to Strengthen Your Nails at Home

Weak, painful cuticles, brittle, splitting, ragged and cracking nails can be very irritating. Looking for the best possible remedies in the market can be very annoying as well. This article will help you find out how to strengthen your nails by providing you with some best tips to strengthen weak fingernails naturally. Although one can find hundred and thousands of products in the market that can help you improve your nails or to make them look fancy. Nail polishes and moisturizers help to make the nails look beautiful, longer, stronger and harder. In order to find out how to strengthen the nails you don’t always have to spend money on chemical hardeners. You can learn how to strengthen nails naturally with the help of some practical measures and home remedies.It is very important to note that if the nails are becoming weak or are cracking out of nowhere, then this is because of your poor health condition that includes anemia and thyroid problems.

Easy & Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Nails

The ones who go throw chemotherapy also have to face chronic brittleness and this is mainly because of the deficiency of protein in them. However the ones who face such brittleness without having any kind of health problem then in that case it must be because of genetic disorder. The adsorbent nature of nails also makes them weak which is why they split or break. This article mainly focuses on how to strengthen your nails, how to make strengthen them fast along with some effective ways to strengthen your nails.

Weak nails that usually chips off, peel or break require nourishments and strengthening in order to grow strong and long. Yellowing or discoloring of nails are also some of the signs of weak nails. Some of the nail product contain chemicals that weakens the nails, water at the same time also weaken the nails by removing the moisture from them. Instead of resorting to chemical strengtheners one must always go for homemade nail strengtheners or remedies because homemade solutions do not contain any sort of chemicals which are considered to be harmful for the nails.

Many individuals who suffer from nail brittleness and weakness start applying artificial nails. No matter how beautiful the artificial or fake nails look they cannot be compared with the natural nails. Many females who wear fake acrylic nails hoping to return to natural looking nails are stunned when their nails start becoming weak and thin. Acrylic application for fake nails contains chemicals and gels that are very dangerous for the nails and cause them damage so one must always know the long term effects of any chemical application.

Here are some of the ways that can help you strengthen your nails after fake nails:-
  • Always keep your nails clean: Water removes the moisture form the nails and makes them weak and brittle. Try to avoid washing hands a lot of times. Keep your nails clean and prevent them from bacteria. Wear plastic gloves while washing clothes or dishes.
  • Trim your nails once a week: Use a manicure scissor in order to trim your nails..
  • Apply moisturizer: Apply hand lotion on your hands and finger nails.
  • Consult your doctor regarding biotin: According to some recent studies nutritional additives biotin helps to make the weak nails strong.

Here is an easy homemade Nail Strengthener recipe:-

  • Mix three tablespoons of olive oil with half tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Put the nail strengthener in microwave for 2 minutes so that the mixture becomes warm.
  • Now mix the mixture with the help of spoon.
  • Apply the mixture on your nails using cotton bud.
  • Try to repeat this procedure every day before going off to bed.

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